Ironstone Jazz bass pickups test

The test is complete.  Old pickups yoinked out, new ones put in, a dummy coil and an on/off switch added and dangling out from the inside like some prolapse for the moment, and 18 soundclips later our job is done.
You can hear the soundclips at Ironstone’s site:
Interesting experiment, particularly the dummy coil which is Ironstone’s prototype attempt to get the hum minimized.  It worked too, but did take the volume down.
We’re looking forward to putting the Jazz bass through it’s paces on the next song we record.

Jazz Bass Control plate 3


Ironstone Pickups demo

We’re looking forward to testing and demoing a new Ironstone Pickups system on the Jazz bass. Tony at Ironstone is sending us a prototype which is designed to cut out all that Jazz bass hum and buzz.

Now we’ve got to get busy with solder and router!