We’re at it again. Gigging at Mae Maria Portuguese Tavern in Cowbridge Road Cardiff on 21st April, 2018. The last time we played there we had a lovely atmosphere and hope for the same again. New songs added to the list too. Plus Hywel’s new gadgets and tapas from the bar. Cardiff never sounded so delicious.

GoodByPolarBears Gig Mae Maria 21st april 2018


Ironstone Jazz bass pickups test

The test is complete.  Old pickups yoinked out, new ones put in, a dummy coil and an on/off switch added and dangling out from the inside like some prolapse for the moment, and 18 soundclips later our job is done.
You can hear the soundclips at Ironstone’s site: http://ironstone-guitar-pickups.co.uk/jazz-bass-sound-clips/
Interesting experiment, particularly the dummy coil which is Ironstone’s prototype attempt to get the hum minimized.  It worked too, but did take the volume down.
We’re looking forward to putting the Jazz bass through it’s paces on the next song we record.

Jazz Bass Control plate 3

Ironstone Pickups demo

We’re looking forward to testing and demoing a new Ironstone Pickups system on the Jazz bass. Tony at Ironstone is sending us a prototype which is designed to cut out all that Jazz bass hum and buzz.

Now we’ve got to get busy with solder and router!

Great Leveller begins to take off.

After writing it in July, popping it back and forth to Hereford for some piano polish and undertaking a couple of abortive recording sessions with Hywel, we decided this evening to go back to basics and start again.

And what an improvement. It’s the opposite of ‘if it an’t broke don’t fix it’. It was definitely broke and it’s such a relief to hear the guitars now tightly arranged, staying out of the way of the lead vocal and giving room for the bass and, even better than that, a chance for Hywel to go all Billy Preston with his Hammond organ sound. He even found time to make up a bit of a Yes-ish keyboard intro.

Celebrations took place in the form of a Chai Street curry and a nice cold pint of Cobra beer. Well deserved.

GoodByePolarBears have their own website.

We plant the seed, the rain waters the seed, the sun grows the seed and we have a new website.

Day one of creating somewhere to put all things Bearish in one place.  As we learn to do so we’ll get links up to latest releases and works in progress.  But for now we just have a header showing our first live gig together at The Duke of Clarence in Cardiff, UK; a venue which, incidentally, closed that very night after our performance.

Some bands open houses.  Ours closes them.

The picture above was taken at the Rock for Romeo event at Fuel Bar, Womansby Street, Cardiff.  Hywel Wiliam searches for the lost chord whilst Neill Dodd goads him.