Strike up the band

cropped-goodbye-polar-bears-8.jpgHywel Wiliam and Neill Dodd formed GoodByePolarBears from the bones of their previous 2007 band, BiPolar Bears, back in 2013.

Hywel has performed in a number of bands around Wales since the eighties, splitting his duties between keyboards and guitar, adding interesting texture and catchy embellishments to our songs, half of which start life as a Hywel riff.  He’s always ready to surprise with a torturous, hand-cramping guitar chord sequence.  That’s jazzers for you!

Neill Dodd has played and written since the eighties too.  The other half of the songs that we perform are brought to the table by Neill fully formed as solo performer pieces for Hywel to enrich.  Neill likes to approach lyric writing from an unusual angle and is not afraid to take on an unpopular songwriting challenge head on.  You could call it ‘bloody-mindedness’.

Their mission statement is to add interest to pop and rock through harmonic variety and thoughtful lyricism.